Whole-House fans

Fyshwick Home & Heating is a proud supplier of BreezePower whole-house fans.

Modern houses are designed on the assumption that they will be air conditioned to make them liveable in summer.  With dark tiled roofs, large windows and no ventilation, they heat up like ovens, even in moderate temperatures.  Advertising has conditioned us to believe that air conditioning is the only way to cool our home.  But with BreezePower Natural Cooling as your primary cooling system, you can reduce the system size and running times of air conditioning or do without it altogether. How whole house fans work

Why not have the best of all worlds - an air flow cooled, breeze filled house for average summer days with a modest air conditioner in a living area used only on  heat wave days.

There is no need  for any other form of roof space ventilator. However, If you already have "Whirly Birds" in your roof, they can be incorporated as part of the exhaust system for a Breeze Power Fan. 


Whole House Fan

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