Smokeless Fires

Smokeless fires (also known as liquid fuel fires) use liquid fuel that burns cleanly, removing the requirement for a flue, chimney of any kind of direct venting. They are simply placed wherever you want them in your home.

Smokeless fires provide a real, beautiful orange flame dancing in a glass cylinder. They simply cannot be compared with the static flame of a candle or electric fireplace. Smokeless fires, similar to traditional fireplaces, burn with a real fire, but which is visible from all sides.

Smokeless fires generally use Methylated Spirits fuel, which is friendly to the natural environment. Since it is a bio-fuel, no smoke nor any substance harmful to the environment is emitted.

Smokeless fires:

  • emit neither smell nor smoke during burning.
  • emit amounts of steam and CO2 into the air in proportions similar to those contained in the air exhaled by humans.
  • are extremely user-friendly!
  • are safe.
  • require only a small amount of ventilation. In apartment conditions (with small cubic capacity) a slightly opened window will do.

Our Suppliers
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