Loft Ladders

Fyshwick Home & Heating is a proud supplier of Enzie loft ladders. Enzie ladders are made for those of you who want more than just a ladder up to your roof space. Enzie concentrate their efforts on strong, safe products, which are so easy to handle that you will want to use them every day. All Enzie have built into them the following features:

  • ATTRACTIVE: Thanks to the neat design of the hatch with its built in frame, and tasteful finish of the molding, the roof space ladder is almost invisible in the ceiling. The Ladder is equipped with concealed hinges, and finished in satin white.
  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER: A new gas piston counterweight makes it very easy to use the ladder.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Enzie roof space ladders are delivered with a built in-frame which has pre-drilled holes for fitting. In addition ladder comes with fitting springs to speed up installation.
  • ENERGY SAVING: The Ladder hatch is thermally insulated, and this combined with an EPDM rubber draft -seal minimizes heat variations in the roof space.
  • LOCKABLE: For extra security the hatch is fitted with a lock to ensure it can't be opened from above. The lock is activated by a removable square ended handle.
Loft Ladder

Our Suppliers
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