Fuel Cooking Stoves

Yes they still exist! Traditional Wood & Solid-Fuel kitchen cooking stoves. Cooking and free hot water supply whilst heating. No more concerns with power outages & ideal for those with solar electric supply.

Made from cast-iron,steel & firebricks, these time resistant cookers have been in Australia since the first settlers! Who hasn't heard those words "You'll never taste a better roast"? Now it can be your turn to transform your kitchen into the room where everyone wants to be. Quality English cast with the established names of Aga & Rayburn. Proven Australian steel with huge fireboxes come from Themalux whilst Scandia stoves import cast stoves to compliment the range. Central heating & dedicated boilers can also be provided.

A new range of wood fuel cookers are combination cooker-heaters with cook top surfaces, huge glass front, self cleaning oven with thermometer for accurate temperature control and a venting system which allows easy control of oven temperatures.(See picture this page of Theralux Gourmet)

The firebox is above the oven giving excellent hotplate temperatures and reducing the amount of bending when refueling. The magic of the flames can be seen through the self cleaning glass on the firebox door, a feature not usually associated with cooking stoves. Wood fuel cookers have excellent heating ability without sacrificing the features required for a good cooking stove. They are as much at home in the family or living room as in the kitchen where their dual purpose makes them a cost efficient option.

Available in a range of colors and styles.


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